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  • James Williamson (1775 AD)


  • James Williamson (1775 to 1791)
  • Thomas Lincon (1791 to 1829)
  • Several Unknown Leader's
  • Jason Maxwell (1997 to Current)

Leadership Title's:

  • The Master (Current)
  • The Leader (1775 to 1880)
  • The Wise One (1899 to 1909)


  • Washington D.C., United State's
  • New York City, Manhatten

Main Location's:

  • United State's of America
  • Canada

Related Organisation's:

  • Third Echelon

Date Formed:

  • 1775 During American War for Independence

Date Reorganised:

  • 1789 AD

Notable Member's:

  • Alex Johnson
  • Sam Smith
  • Daniel Marrek

Faction Allies:

  • United State's of America
  • United State's Goverment
  • Third Echelon
  • Canadian Goverment
  • British Goverment
  • Galactic Republic
  • Jedi Order
  • British Brotherhood (Formerly)


  • Modern History
  • Discovery Era

War's / Event's:

  • American War of Indpendence
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Vietnam War
  • Afgan-War
  • The Great War

The American Brotherhood, also known as Idependent Assassin's Guild or Americas Grand-Assassin's.

The American Brotherhood was formed during the American War of Independence, and follows the commands from the American Goverment.

Weapon's and EquipmentEdit

The Weapon's and Equipment used by the American Brotherhood differs from the British Brotherhood, since the American version was formed during the era of Gunpowder, and where orginally rebels within the Main Hashshashin Order, therefore the American Brotherhood could not wield a Hidden-Blade since they didn't have the metal needed or have the construction blue-prints for them.

The American Brotherhood however made its own form of weapon's using swords as well however uptill the Second World War, then took the ways of Military more and more, but remained as a differant sect for the American Goverment.

As the American Army continued to grow, the American Goverment began forming more Sects such as Third Echelon, this is where the American Brotherhood made its massive move, and began aiding in the start of the Splinter Cell Program.

Weapon's used by the American Brotherhood involve combat knives and fire-arms such as Sniper Rifle's hand-Gun's with Supressor's, though they took up firearms, they remain to concertrait on stealth just as their second form; third Echelon.

The American Brotherhood no longer has its ties with the British Brotherhood's ideals and ways.

The most used weapon however is the Sniper Rifle, but out-fitted with a Supressor and Enhanced Scope.


Clothing and ArmourEdit

Like the weapons, the American Brotherhood also differs in Clothing styles than the Original Assassin's in the British Brotherhood such as some wearing American Army Uniform's, or even wearing Special Uniforms that Splinter Cell's use such as Mark V Tactical Operations Suit.

The main reasons for the differance's is to ensure they are seen as an Idependent Assass
205px-Sam Fisher (Arctic)
in Group, and prepared for greater change unlike the British Brotherhood which continues to use Clothing Styles of its past and Weapon's of the past, though unaware that the British Brotherhood has actually begun using Rifle's and Hand Guns in their missions now.

The Mark V Tactical Operations Suit is used by Assassin's of the American Brotherhood as well as the Splinter Cell Agent's since it isn't heavy, and it can be out-fitted with equipment needed for certern missions, however unlike the Splinter Cell Agents who have their Uniform set for their spesific missions, the Assassin's stick to the Arctic Style no matter what.