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Battle of London
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Conflict: Second Mandalorian War


  • March 13, 2136 AD (EC)
  • Month-3, Day-13, Year 2,002 ABY (GRC)

Place: Great Britian, England - London

Out-Come: EUDF Victory

  • London Re-Claimed by the EUDF
  • British Goverment Ellects new Priminister
  • Mandalorians declare cease fire with Earth
  • Mandalorians leave Earth



  • Hashshashin Order


  • Death Watch Mandlorians

EUDF Commanders:

  • Alex Johnson Assassin Grand-Master
  • Yusaf A'Tem Assassin Guild Leader (Syria)
  • James Thomason United State's Marine Corp Commander
  • Antonio Mafai Italian General
  • Jamie Proslokai Spanish Captain
  • Oliver Simpson French Commander

Mandalorian Commanders:

  • Derrick Trotsey Trotsey Clan Leader

EUDF Strength:

  • 1,500 Assassin's
  • Several Hundred French Soldiers
  • Several Hundred Italian Soldiers
  • Several Hundred Spanish Soldiers
  • Several Hundred American Soldiers
  • 120 Italian Heavy Armour
  • 300 American Light Armour
  • 1,200 American Fighter Planes
  • 200 American Transport Planes
  • 125 Italian Transport Planes

Mandalorian Strength:

  • 2,000 Mandalorian Heavy Soldiers
  • 300 Mandalorian Elite Soldiers
  • 245 Death Watch Sharpshooters
  • 140 Mandalorian Heavy Armour
  • 200 Mandalorian Light Armour
  • 245 Mandalorian Fighter's

EUDF Casulties:

  • Unknown, Heavy Loses
  • Several Fighter Planes

Mandalorian Casulties:

  • Several Hundrend Mandalorians
  • All of the Light Armour
  • Half the Heavy Armour
  • 128 Mandalorian Fighters

Civilian Casulties

  • Several Civilian Buildings Destroyed
  • Several Slave Camps hit by Bombs
  • A Total of 450 Civilians killed

The Battle for Great Britian, or also known as the Battle of London, a EUDF Military movement caused by the Assassin Grand-Master; Alex Johnson to force the Mandalorians off of Earth.

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