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Home-World Coruscant (Between 3,671 and 3,670 BBY

Spiece's: Human

Gender: Male


  • Light Brown


  • 4'1 (Child)
  • 5'2 (Teen)


  • Gray

Skin Colour:

  • Light


  • The Return of the Sith Era
  • The Tension Era


  • Neevan and Corson Family
  • Galactic Republic
  • Jedi Order

Known Master's:

  • Jason Neevan (Informal)
  • Damia Corson (Informal)
  • Ven Zallow (Informal)
  • Zym (Informal)
  • Gnost-Dural (Formal)

Known Padawan's:

  • None


War's / Events:

  • Great Galactic War (Born During)
  • The Cold War

Brandon Neevan, born in the Galactic City on Coruscant to Jedi Master Damia Corson and Jason Neevan, the first son of the two Jedi Masters, but resulting in their Leaving of the Jedi Order.

Brandon was born during the middle of the Great War.

In 3,663 BBY, Bradon was taken by Jason to begin Jedi training, well-aware they where leaving, Jason and Damia wished their son to be a member of the Jedi Order.

Life of a JediEdit

At the age of 7 Brandon had began training fully as a Jedi, having started at 5 with his father and mother, Brandon was only kept at the Temple at the age of 6, then allowed to remain their competely, Brandon was like his mother and father, very fast at learning, and very competible with other Jedi, Brandon even became competible with Jedi Master Ven Zallow, attempting to out-do him in a Practice Duel within the Jedi Training Halls.

Also like his perants, Brandon was very effective when it came to making stratagies, since he did so when ever he faced someone in a duel that could beat him, he made such plans to run rings around his opponents, to avoid being defeated.

After completing parts of his training, he was sent strait into the Great War, he was sent with Gnost-Dural to Onderon in an attempt to liberate the planet from the Sith.

The Great Galactic WarEdit

Brandon was sent strait into the war in 3,653 BBY, Brandon's first ever participation was during the Battle of Onderon, but this was also his final battle in the war, since the Sith Empire made a well-calculated strike on the Capitol.

With the Republic forced into the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, Brandon was brought back to Coruscant where he was met like other Jedi the Hostile Crowds of the Republic People, including the Galactic Senate as well.

Eventually under the leadership of Satele Shan, the Jedi re-located to Tython, their ancestral home-world, Satele had now taken the title; Grand-Master, the youngest ever Jedi to take the title.

The Cold WarEdit

The Jedi Order having relocated to Tython, began building a Jedi Temple to become their new headqaurters for their Jedi Order.

In 3,653 BBY on the seventh month Brandon left the Temple to go in search of the Sith Empire, in an attempt to find a new way to end the Sith Empire from within.

Throughout the entire Cold War, Brandon's exploits where never known, its unknown also who he eventually married, or had children too, but its known that after teh Cold War Brandon had atleast two children.