• Assassin Conflict


  • Houston's Rise to Power


  • The Expansion of British Power
  • China's Military Movement
  • War in the Middle-East
  • European Conflict
  • Second American Civil War
  • South America's Military Conflict


  • December 21, 1993


  • October 21, 1994


  • United Kingdom
    • England
    • Wales
    • Scotland
  • Ireland
    • Northern Ireland
    • Republic of Ireland


  • The United Kingdom of Great Britain Claims Victory
  • Republic of Ireland Annexed by Great Britain
  • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland is formed
  • Assassin Order spreads out in search of Al-Azm

Assassin Britain:

  • The British Armed Force's
  • Royal Air Force
  • British Royal Navy
  • British Assassin Order
  • Northern Ireland Military

Republic of Ireland:

  • Irish Armed Force's
  • Irish Air Force
  • Irish Naval Force's
  • Irish Assassin Order

British Commanders:

  • Marcus Langley (PM & GM)

Irish Commanders:

  • Unidentified

British Strength:

  • 3,450 Master Assassin's
  • 4,500 Assassin Adepts
  • 5,680 Assassin Informants
  • 191,730 Regular Troops
  • 500 Light Battle Tanks
  • 450 Heavy Tanks
  • 600 Artillery
  • 1,450 Fighter Jets
  • 250 Military Attack Choppers
  • 235 Transport Choppers
  • 37,300 Naval Regulars
  • 2,900 Royal Navy Reserve
  • 19,600 Naval Regular Reserve

Irish Strength:

  • 3,209 Master Assassin's
  • 4,500 Assassin Adepts
  • 5,682 Assassin Informants
  • 9,981 Regular Troops
  • 230 Light Tanks
  • 400 Heavy Tanks
  • 455 Artillery
  • 1,156 Fighter Jets
  • 245 Military Attack Choppers
  • 234 Transport Choppers
  • 400 Naval Regulars

Military Casulties:

  • United Kingdom -
  • Republic of Ireland -
Civilian Casulties:
Time Line: Alternate

The War between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was only begun due to conflict rising between the Irish Assassin Order and the British Assassin Sects; the Irish Assassin's where believed to be working with the Imperium Assassin's, and so Marcus Langley declared a War between the British & Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

The British launched their attack by Air First; bombing the Irish Capital into submission; then began a Military Movement across the Irish Sea; the Irish Naval Force's came into range of British Naval Force's; however the Ships that the British Sent far outnumbered those of the Irish; and the Battle was a short one.

Once the British Force's got to the border; the British Army marched through the Republic of Ireland's Cities; encountering many aggressive movements as they marched; resulting in several battle's throughout Ireland.

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