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POB: United Kingdom, Ireland - Dublin

Birth: March 12, 2086 AD

Death: June 2, 2136 AD, Albania - Age 51

Birth Name: David Shane West

Home-World: Earth

Hair Colour:

  • Brown (Child)
  • Ginger (Teen, Adult)
  • Ginger, Graying (Adult)

Eye Colour:

  • Blue (Child)
  • Green (Teen, Adult)

Skin Colour:

  • Tan Colour Skin


  • The Hashshashin Order


  • British Goverment
  • American Goverment

Known Instructor's:

  • None

Known Student's:

  • None


  • Allison West (Wife)
  • Shane West (Son/Twin)
  • Alexia West (Daughter/Twin)
  • Madison West (Daughter)


  • Alex Jason Johnson

War's / Events:

  • Second Mandalorian War (Not In the War)
  • Second Napoleon War (Not In the War)

Medal's / Awards:

  • None

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