Flezior Johnson 1642 AD

POB: Colony Virginia, Jamestown

Time Period:

  • 17th Century

Birth: April 4, 1622 AD

Home-World: Earth

Spiece's: Human

Gender: Female

Hair Colour:

  • Black (Child, Teen, Adult)
  • Black, Graying (Elder)

Eye Colour:

  • Blue (Child)
  • Green (Teen)
  • Gray (Adult, Elder)


  • 4'0 (Child)
  • 4'5 (Teen)
  • 4'9 (Adult)
  • 4'7 (Elder)

Skin Colour: Tan, Olive Skin Colour

Natural Talants:

  • Eagle Sense (Sixth Sense)
  • Increased Speed


  • House of Johnson


  • Jamestown Assassin Guild
  • European Assassin's Guild
  • English Colonial Force's
  • British Empire - 1707


  • Decendants, Johnson, Jones, Dalamti, Smithson
  • Alfred Johnson - Father
  • Aiyana Johnson - Mother


  • Unknown

Known Instructor's:

  • Alfred Johnson the 1st

Known Students:

  • None

War's / Events:

  • None

Medals / Awards:

  • None

&nbsp Flezior Johnson, also refered as Fiora (Born 1622) was the only child of Alfred Johnson the 1st, however she was never on good terms with her father, since he abondoned her in 1641 and she was left alone when her mother died do to smallpox.

Flezior was also a decendant of Ezio Auditore, and was gifted with Eagle Sense, she was also very gifted in the arts of Stealth, Assassination and Free-Running.

Flezior's known known decendents are; Wez Johnson, Jason Johnson and two indiviauls in the 23rd Century; Aquila and Mayla Ibn-La'Ahad.