The Imperium


  • September 15, 2130 (As Re-Born Templar Order)
  • September 25, 2134 (As Imperium Order)


  • Simon Alendria - 2116 AD


  • United State's of America, Washington D.C

Secondary Headqaurters:

  • United Kingdom, England - London
  • Russia, Moscow
  • China, Hong Kong
  • Japan, Tokyo

Date Formed:

  • September 15, 2130 (Re-Born Templars)
  • September 25, 2134 (Imperium)

Notable Member's:

  • Simon Alendria


  • Wider Galaxy Era
  • The Fallen Era


  • World War III
  • Peace Time (2139-2152)
  • World War IV

The Imperium was the new more Modern Day version of the 21st Century Abstergo Ind., which in truth was the Original Templar Order.

With the Imperium the Templar's where able to take their new movements into the Governments of the U.S, Britain, Russia, China and Japan.

Unlike the 21st Century Goals, the Imperium only view and goal was to destroy the Assassin Order.

The Imperium CouncilEdit

The Imperium Order set up a Council Similair to the Original Templar Order from Pre-History and 21st Century, however each leader on the Council is also the Leader of the Imperium Alligned Factions part of the Imperium War.

The Council

  • Simon Alendria - Grand-Master of the Imperium Order, Priminister of Great Britain
  • Rodrigo Antonio'Mafey - Italian States Government Leader
  • Tyber Zann - President of the United State's of America
  • Amielio Seton - Leader of the Canadian Government
  • Valdov Kamrie - Leader of the Russian Government

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