Kingdom of Masyaf
Masyaf Flag

Capitol City: Masyaf


  • Asia
    • Syria
  • Africa
    • None
  • Europe
    • None
  • America
    • None

Official Laungauges:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • Italian
  • Turkish

Government: socialist soviet republic, single-party communist state Union socialist soviet republic, single-party communist state


  • Mustafa Beth'-el


  • The Freedom Project - 2237 AD
  • Re-Birth Treaty - 3209 AD

Recognised Independence:

  • September 12, 3354 AD

Legislature: Congress of Soviets and Central Executive Committee

  • Upper House - Assassin Council
  • Lower House - Masyaf Governor House

Currency: Lao Kip ₭N

Drive's On: The Right

Time Zone: EET (UTC +2)

  • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

Military Divisions:

  • Armed Force's
    • Masyaf Special Armed Force's (MSAF)
    • Masyaf Army
  • Air-Force
    • Masyaf Air-Service
    • Scout Service
  • Naval Force
    • Masyaf Border Patrol
    • Masyaf Ocean-Scout Service (MOSS)
  • Other
    • The Euro-Ameri Assassin Order
    • Masyaf's Special Gaurd (MSG)
    • Mas-Infiltration Unit

Other Divisions:

  • Diplomatic Core
  • Research Advancement Division
  • Over-Seas Political Aid

Allied Nation's:

  • United Nation's Council
    • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland
    • United States of America
    • People's Republic of China
    • Republic of Vietnam
    • New Canadian Republic
    • New Spanish Kingdom
    • New French Republic
  • People's Republic of Asia
    • People's Republic of China
    • Republic of China
    • Republic of Vietnam
    • New Soviet Union
    • South Korea
    • Kingdom of Cyprus
    • Kingdom of Jordan
    • Kingdom of Masyaf
    • Republic of Afghanistan

Other Allies:

  • Assassin Guilds
  • Spies Guild
  • Mercernaries Guild
  • Thieves Guild


  • The Assassini Cold War - 2187 AD-2201 AD
  • Re-Birth War - 3200 AD-3209 AD
  • Resource War - 3350 AD-3354 AD

The Kingdom of Masyaf, a Nation formed and controlled by the Assassin Order, originally formed to hide the truth of the Assassin's Capitol; Masyaf.

With the world starting once again in the 34th Century, the Kingdom of Masyaf became part of the People Republic of Asia, its unknown how or why the Assassin Order became known as; Euro-Ameri Assassin Order due to the Order being purely based in Masyaf.

The Kingdom of Masyaf was very well known due to the fact it was a Communist State.