Marcus Langley in 1809 during the Battle of Grijó.

DOB: November 29, 1760 AD

DOD: October 12, 1833 AD

  • France, Paris

Time Zone:

  • 18th Century (Late)
  • 19th Century (Early/Mid)

Gender: Male


  • 4'8 Child
  • 5'7 Teen
  • 6'2 Adult

Eye Colour: Blue/Brown

Hair Colour: Brown

Nation: Great Britain

Home: England, London


  • Eagle Sense
  • Flexability
  • Sword Combat
  • Stealth


  • British Assassin Order


  • British Empire
  • British East India Trading Company
  • British Royal Family
  • Syrian Assassin Order
  • Italian Assassin Order
  • Russian Assassin Order


  • Bethany Langley (Sister)
  • Laura Langley (Wife) - Deceased
  • Flavia Langley (Daughter)


  • Thomas West


  • Unknown


  • Flavia Langley (Possible)
  • Several British Assassin's
  • Several Chinese Assassin's

War's / Events:

  • American War of Independence - 1775-1783
    • American-British Assassin Conflict - 1776-1783
    • Anglo-Spanish War - 1779-1783
  • Fourth Anglo-Dutch War - 1780-1784
  • Third Anglo-Mysore War - 1789-1792
  • Napoleonic Wars - 1792-1815
    • War of the First Coalition - 1792-1797
      • War in the Vendée - 1793-1796
    • War of the Second Coalition - 1798-1802
    • War of the Third Coalition - 1803-1805
    • War of the Fourth Coalition - 1806-1807
    • Peninsular War - 1807-1814
    • War of the Sixth Coalition - 1814-1814
    • War of the Seventh Coalition (Hundred Days) - 1815-1815
  • Greek War of Independence - 1821-1832

Award's / Medals:

  • None, Never accepted


  • Assassin's
    • Master Assassin - British Assassin's - 1766-1833

Marcus Burns Langley (Born 1760), a Member of the British Assassin Order in the Late 18th to Early/Mid 19th Century, he also fought in the Napoleonic War's; Marcus was friends with William Johnson, the Grand-Master of the Assassin Order in Great Britain, as well as a Loyal Assassin to the Crown and Parlaiment of the British Empire.

Marcus Langley strongly believed in the British Empire and was one of many in the British Assassin Order to join the war in fighting against Napoleon without consent of the Grand-Master.

Marcus is also the Ancestor of Jamie Hudson who was a member of the Spanish Gonvernment in the 21st Century.

His Eagle Sense however did not get passed along to any other member of his Family and so the Sixth Sense was lost to his Family after his death.

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