New Germany

Official Laungauges:

  • German

Government: Totalitarian dictatorship, Single-party state


  • Dusty Schmied - 3335-3354
  • Albul Diozer


  • Albul Diozer

Currency: Reichsmark (ℛℳ)

Drives on:

  • Left (Due to British Presence)

Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)


  • European Union (As a Protectorate)
    • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland
    • New Spanish Kingdom
    • New French Republic
    • New Kingdom of Poland
    • Republic of Albania
    • Kingdom of Rome
    • Kingdom of Monteriggioni
    • Republic of Venice
  • United Nation's Council (As a Protectorate)
    • United States of America
    • New Canadian Republic
    • New Spanish Kingdom
    • New Republic of France
    • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland


  • Resource War (As Nazi Germany) - 3350 AD-3354 AD
  • German Civil War (As New Germany) - 3360 AD-3360 ADThe New German Nation, originally; Neo-Nazi Nation, Neo-Nazi Germany, Nazi Germany, Greater German Reich and the Third Reich during the Resource War until the Allied Force's defeated Germany and the rest of the Axis Alliance Members.

After the Resource War it became a Protectorate to the New European Union, it was continues put under heavy pressure by the EU and UNO, as well as some Nations that are part of the PRoA.

In 3356 Albul Diozer became the Soul Leader; President and Chancellor of Nazi Germany, and re-named the Nation to; New Germany.

Ever since Albul took charge a shroud has covered the mass-dealings that had begun in secret under the nose of the British and Soviet's Force's which continues pressureize the Nation.

Unlike Dusty Schmied who believed Adolf Hitler was a God, Albul believed himself to be the Decendent of Adolf, and took this claim to his most loyal Soldiers.

Early History

Much of how Neo-Nazi Nation was formed is unknown, but it was the most advanced Nation up until the Resource War started to come to a close, due to the German Scientists using a Musuem that had survived the 3 Day Bombardment from United Colonial Force's after the Second Galactic War.

The Neo-Nazi Nation eventually changed its name to Neo-Nazi Germany, then late began calling itself Nazi Germany, Third Reich or the Greater German Reich.

Even though Nazi Germany was the most advanced, it still had great difficulty fighting against the lower technologic Great Britain and resorted to using newer Tactics in attempts to halt the British Advance through Normandy, eventually they began having even more trouble when the U.S got involved in Europe altough it was fighting mainly in Asia against the Axis Members; Union of Asia.

Once the Allied Force's began growing the Axis began crumbling, but by the end of the war, many Axis Leaders escaped and began plotting to finish what they started.

New Germany

After the War had ended, Germany was put under Heavy Debt, had all its Weapons and Armour Confiscated, and their Homes burnt to the ground as punishment for their war against Europe, Asia and America.

Eventually in 3356 the Veteran Soldier; Albul Diozer got into Power, and changed everything around, while the Nation was still in heavy debt he was able to put most of the Civilians into work trying to re-build Homes, and also had some Researchers hidden away so they could work in secret without any distractions so they could begin manufacturing new Weapons and Armour for the New Germany Nation.

Around 3360 the New Germany was able to become more open to the European Union; Albul Diozer continues met with EU officials trying to get his Nation out of Debt, but instead found the grip of Pressure become more severe causing more problems, altough Albul didn't show it, it was exactly what he wanted, and he was able to begin recruiting Civilians into a Secret Army, and also Groups that could try and spread the message that Germany was feeling to much pressure and is in dire need of aid to "Prevent" another war.