WWIII Conflict of SNW Second Napoleon War



Start: June 1, 2136 AD

End: September 12, 2139 AD


  • World-Wide Conflict
    • Eurasia
      • European Theatre
        • The United Kingdom
          • The British Coastline
          • Irish Sea
          • The English Channel
          • Blackpool
          • Fleetwood
          • London
        • Spain
          • Spanish/French Border
          • Spanish Mainlands
          • Barcelona
          • Madrid
        • France
          • French/Spanish Border
          • French/German Border
          • Paris
          • Normandy
        • Germany
          • German/Polish Border
          • German/French Border
          • Berlin
        • Netherlands
          • The Main Battle Zone
      • The Asian Theatre
        • Japan
          • Island of Shikoku
          • Island of Honshu
        • Vietnam
          • Jungles Across Vietnam
    • American Theatre
      • North America
        • Washington D.C.
        • New Jersey
      • South America
        • Brazil


  • Napoleon is Assassinated
  • The French Nation is but into great debt
  • The EUDF is disbanded, and replaced by the New NATO
  • The French Nation losses several locations, claimed by the Allied Force's
  • Paris is kept under British Control
  • The British Goverment prepares for an Ellection
  • Alex Johnson Steps down from his position as Priminister
  • The Allied Nations take control of several former Axis Nation Goverments
  • The Hashshashin Order is reformed

The Allies Commanders:

  • Alex Johnson Priminister/Grand-Master Assassin
  • Abdul Abel'sar Syrian Leader†
  • Gamera Sa'Lo President of Italy
  • Boucy Navil Leader of Spain†
  • Geraman Hofthman President of the U.S

The Order of the Gray: 2136-36

Known Allied Soldiers:-

  • Diego Jones
  • Danny Jones†
  • Joey Dunn
  • Cole Phelps
  • Simon Phelps
  • Jamie Nicklson

New Axis Commanders:

  • Napoleon Bonaparte Leader of New France†
  • Goria Ameston Leader of Albania
  • Sin Tong Leader of New Imperial Japan†
  • Ruk Nee'Tong President of Vietnam†
  • Alesiia Mayne Leader of Poland†
  • General Andera
  • General Chi(MIA)
  • Captain Chen†

Republic Commanders:

  • General Fitron, Republic General

Known New Axis Soldiers:-

  • General Anders
  • General Chi (MIA)
  • Captain Chen†

The Allies/EUDF:

  • Great Britain
  • Germany
  • Kingdom of Spain(Betrayed the Allies/Later rejoined after being liberated)
  • Italian Republic
  • United State's
  • Russia
  • People's Republic of China
  • South Korea
  • Pakistan
  • Republic of Cyprus
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Kingdom of Denmark
  • Greenland
  • Canada
  • Order of the Gray (Unofficially/2136-36)
  • Hashshashin Order (Divided into seperate Guilds)


  • European Assassin Guild (No French, Spanish or Polish Guilds)
  • Asian Assassin's Guild (No Japanese or Vietnamese Guilds)
  • American Assassin's Guilds
  • Canadian Assassin's Guilds

The Order of the Gray: 2136-36

  • Great Britain
  • Order of the Assassin's
  • EUDF

New Axis:

  • New Republic of France
  • Martinique
  • Guadeloupe
  • Saint Barthélemy
  • Republic of Albania
  • Poland
  • New Imperial Japan
  • Republic of Vietnam
  • Republic of China
  • North Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Afganistan
  • Republic of Iraq
  • Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • Kingdom of Belgium
  • Republic of Malta
  • Kingdom of Spain (Liberated in 2137)
  • Spanish Rebel's as of 2137


  • The Reborn Knights Templar
  • European Rogue Assassin's Guilds (French, Spanish and Polish)
  • Asian Rogue Assassin Guilds (Japanese and Vietnamese)

Galactic Republic:

  • Republic Army and Naval Force's
  • Republic Black Ops
  • Republic Special Force's
  • Jedi Order

Famous Battle's / Campaign's:

  • Campaign of Spain
  • American Campaign
  • First Battle of Washington
  • Fall of Washington
  • First Battle of Madrid
  • Battle at the French Boarder
  • Battle at the Spanish Mainlands
  • Second Battle of Madrid
  • Second Defence of the Spanish Mainlads
  • Campaign of South Korea
  • Battle at the Netherlands
  • Invasion of Paris
  • Assassination of Napoleon Bonaparte II


  • Allied Soldiers - 12,051,360
  • New French Republic Soldiers & Allies - 14,218,950
  • Civilian Deaths - 11,466,670

Second Napoleon War, also known as the Third World War, WWIII or World War III, a Global Conflict Months after the Cease Fire between the EUDF and Mandalorians.

This War began due to the Secret Order that continued to cause chaos from the shadows, bringing the French with a chance to do what the Mandalorians failed, claim World-Domination, these idea's where brought to the French Leader who was power hungry, and they used his eagerness to their own advantage, giving him a chance to take Power from the entire planet.

With this, Napoleon Bonaparte the Second came to Spain, and launched a full-scale attack bringing the first series of Battle's of the Third World War.

First Year of Warfare - 2136 AD-2137 ADEdit

On June 1 2136 AD, the French Leader; Napoleon Bonaparte the Second ordered the begining of the new War, a War to do what the Mandalorians failed to accomplish, however this was all due to an Alliance Napoleon had made to achieve power.

A Stage of Warefare was started in Both Europe and America, the French began their Campaign for Spain, while the New Imperial Japan and Republic of Vietnam began the Campaign of America, with these two strike in progress the world was thrown into shock as the French betrayed the Earth United Defence Force so soon after the Mandalorians had been forced to leave Earth after the signing of a Cease Fire.

Campaign for SpainEdit

The Campaign for Spain was the First French Movement to take a hold of a threat from the west side of France, however Napoleon was aware that with this invasion the German Nation would come from the East, so the French Ally; Albania was placed in charge of the defence of the East Boarder of France to ensure that French Country was safe from German Invasion.
Artillery Strike on Spain SNW

For the start of the Campaign, Napoleon ordered the Artillery to strike at the Out-Skirt Towns at night, as well as have Bomber Planes drop bombs across the already burning Towns as they made their move.

With major damage done on the first move, the Spanish began reacting to try to defend the already burning towns, however they where unprepared and went to attack the French Force's who had already has their Military set up close by, the moment the Spanish moved they began to fall from French Snipers, then eventually the French Soldiers engaged the Spanish in the Burning Towns.

Spanish Boarder BattleEdit

French attack on Spanish Boarder
The French Armies positioned themselves just on the border of Spain, where they set up their Artillery lines, which where used to begin destroying the towns on the out-skirts of Spain, this caused a massive fire to begin from the French attack.

The Spanish unprepared began a full retaliation on the French but where quickly caught off-guard by Sniper's, whiched thined the Spanish Army further, then the French moved in further to the Spanish Mainland and continued the invasion of Spain.

With the Might of Napoleon on the Spanish door-step, the Spanish Goverment began to contact aid from its EUDF Allies to try to bring help to Spain to fend off the French Force's before its to late.

Invasion of BarcelonaEdit

With the Boarder under French control, the French Armies moved strait onto Barcelona with its full force, while Special Task Groups took control of the Towns, the Battle of Barcelona was a very deadly one, civilian casulties where also done by French Soldiers, the First Major Battle of the Second Napoleon War in Europe
French engage Spanish Force's in Barelona
had fully begun, Barcelona had already fallen, however Spanish Force's refused to just let the French take the City without a fight.

With the defenders so unprepared the French saw fit to just execute any captured Soldier, or injured Soldier, with Napoleon's narrow view of only French must live through the war, this brought even greater hate from the Spanish against the French but the Spanish where unable to do anything about it while they where being beaten back from their own cities.

First Battle of MadridEdit

Once Barcelona had fallen just as many other cities of the Spanish Nation had, the French turned to Madrid, and with a massive invasion force the French Armies where able to take control of Madrid within one full day, but the battle came at a great cost.

Campaign for AmericaEdit

Like in Europe, the New Imperial Japan and Republic of Vietnam target the American Cities just as the French target the Spanish, the first move made by Japanese and Vietnamese Force's was the Capitol of the United State's.

First Battle of Washington D.C.Edit

The Initial attack was begun during early hours of the morning when the Japanese Force's came into bomb the American Capitol, having been so far up and using a new plane that is undetected by Radar, the Japanese Planes where able to make a perfect bombing move across Washington, setting part of the City ablaze, the Japanese eventually deployed the Artillery, Tanks and Soldiers into the Battle, where they moved through Washington quickly to engage the American Soldiers.
Article photo1 jpg full 600

The First Battle of Washington saw the American Capitol set ablaze, the Japanese and Vietnamese Force's just continued to crush the retreating American Force's as they attempted to avoid the Artillery fire that are being fired from a secure location, most American Soldiers attempted to make a valiant final battle at the White House, however Japanese and Vietnamese stormed the White House and engaged all inside, it was known as the Bloodiest Engagement the American's had fought since the First Contact War.

With Washington falling, the President of the United State's was evacuated from the Capitol to be taken to the next City near Washington; New Jersey, the American Army then rallied in Ner Jersey having their Preseident Safe, who then decalred that the State was to enter a full-scale war against Japan, however the American's where unaware that they where not the only ones since all Communication was lost just prior the attack from Japanese and Vietnamese Force's, and so the American's have no knowledge of the French invasion of Spain.

While the U.S President was moved to New Jersey the American Soldiers with Washington found themselves being saved by a Galactic Republic Force that came from no-where to begin aiding the crippled Armies that where already retreating, with new aid, the retreating Americans turned back and launched a counter attack as Japanese and Vietnamese where fighting against the Republic, however even with this arrival the American did not full trust the Republic.

Republic AidEdit
With the Republic now aiding against the Japanese and Vietnamese Force's, the battle became more intense
Republic Arrival on Earth Aid of Washington
and more violent, twice the amount of damage was caused due to this arrival but even though the Americans where not trusting them they still sided with them.

With the Extra Soldiers and Fighters, the Japanese and Vietnamese Force's saw this as a strange outcome, but they refused to retreat from battle and continued to attack even while sustaining heavy casulties.

Fall of WashingtonEdit

While the Americans believed the Republic aid was to help them they lowered their gaurd during the fighting, and once the Republic began to turn on them, it was too late for them to try to fight back, having Japanese and Vietnamese on one side and the Republic on the other, Washington had truely fallen.

The two Gray Jedi; Revan and Cody attempted to thin Republic Force's to give Americans a chance, but this didn't really change anything, once the two Gray Jedi where away, more Republicans came to support the Army.

Polish Invade GermanyEdit

With the German Armies now marching towards France just as Napolen had expected, the Polish began their invasion of Germany, knowing that the German Armies would fall directly into the trap set by Napoleon, where the Germans would be forced to engage the Albanian Force's at the French Boarder.

The Polish wasted no time, and launched a full-air attack on the German Capitol, thus taking out its communications in one move, this caused no alerts to any other German Town or City, and also was unable to contact the German Armies to turn them back to provide aid, with communications out, the Polish Army moved inwards and began taking the Cities of Germany, while some Special Squads moved outwards from the German Capitol of Berlin.

Germany fell within only a few days, when a new added force arrived to provide more support to the Polish invasion, the Albanian's main attack group.

Battle on the French BoarderEdit

While Germany was being invaded by the Polish, and the Main German Armies where unaware, the Albanian's that where in defence of the French Boarder laid in wait for the first signs of the German Armies, upon spotting them, Albanian's Artillery open fired upon advancing Germans, causing their force's to scatter in search of cover, the Albanians held more than one advantage, but their main advantage was all the well camped spots and higher vantage points.

The Fighting on the Boarder lasted several weeks, by which the Nation of Germany had fallen due to Polish Force's and a Albanian Attack Group.

Once the Albanian's had the Germans surrendering, the Albanian General ordered them to be destroyed, and so the surviving Germans where killed off.

Battle at the Spanish BoarderEdit

The British Force's eventually set a move on June 2 2136, and remained at an Out-Post near the Spanish Boarder, however the French came to the outpost from the French Boarder, and launched an attack against the British, setting their supplies on fire, and killing half the soldiers.

The British moved to a secure location and where then forced to engage the French on both sides, a Military Position on the Spanish Boarder, and a Military Movement coming from France, this made things even harder for the British Armies and the Order of the gray as the fought against the French.

Duel at the BoarderEdit

The Two Gray Jedi would engage a Sith Apprentice during the Battle at the Spanish Boarder, however they would defeat this Sith easily, but later engage a Sith Lord who was even more powerful, to which Revan would be taken captive by.

Second Battle of Washington D.CEdit

The Second Battle of Washington was a major victory for the American Armies against the Former Republci Force's, however during the battle the American's made sure every last one of the Republicans where destroyed, furtehr showing the hate that America has for the Galactic Repiublic.

Invasion of SpainEdit

The British Armies once again where sent into the heat of battle to try liberating Spain from the French Occupation, the starting of this invasion was on the Spanish Mainland, fairly close to Madrid.

Battle of the Spanish MainlandEdit

The Military engagment at the Spanish Mainland was a battle fought by British and French Force's, where the British Armies where attempting to get onto the Mainland that was very well defended by French Force's, the British eventually made it onto the Mainland, but where given heavy fire from French Artillery and where forced to fall back to the beach where they began moving the injured out from Spain to send back to Britain.

The British continued to fight even when their force's where being diminished, wanting to liberate the Spanish to move against France.

The British Invasion attempt saw many Soldiers killed and Injured, also the British where forced to engage the Albanian Force's that arrived to aid in defence of the French Armies, during this Sam Johnson, son of the Priminiser and Grand-Master of the Assassin's and England was killed during battle.

Eventually the Russian Military arrived to bring aid to the British Soldiers and they continued to fight against the French and Albanian Force's.

On August 12 2136 AD, with from the Russian Army, the British force's where able to defeat and force the French and Albanian Force's into a tactical retreat to return to the City of Madrid, during this time the British and Russian Force's set up a Base of Operations where they had been engaging the French and Albanian Force's.

Second Battle of MadridEdit

Battlefield 3 1

During the Initial movement into Madrid, the British convoy came under heavy assassult from French Bombarda Cannon's, taking out 2 Jeeps and 3 Military Trucks in the first attack, this caused British Force's to move to cover quickly while under heavy fire from enemy force's.

With the French Defence's with a major advantage, the British where forced to remain behind cover with no real way of counter-attacking the enemy lines, and they began to hope Russia would arrive to aid in the attack against the French and Albanian Force's before they lose the battle.

During this long battle, the British where eventually aided by the Russian's, but it made no differance, since French Force's had extra's on standby, and upon being called in, the British and Russian's where at a major disadvantage and so they retreated back to the Mainlands to build the defence's up at the camps.

During the turning-tide, the Battle saw the death of several young soldiers, and this caused much distraught to those who where still 16 and who had survived the battle.

Defence of the MainlandsEdit

With their defeat at Madrid and being forced into retreat to return to the Mainlands, the British and Russian force's found themselves under attack from French/Albanian Artillery, this attacked killed several soldiers, and they where forced into seperate groups in order to fight back against the aggressive enemy.

Diego Jones lead K-Company into a position near some cover where he could use his men to provide sniper support for the Soldiers still trying to move around.

This singla fight continued from the early hours of August 31 to September 1 in the later afternoon, the two defence groups barely managed to hold out against the French and Albanian Force's, but they achieved victory for defending their position at the loss of many soldiers.

Second Defence of the Spanish MainlandsEdit

Retreat from Spain
During the Second Defence of the Mainlands, the British and Russian Armies where defeated by the combine strength of French, Albanian and the Spanish who had now joined the NFR, the Second Defence saw the deaths of many good soldiers as well as young lads that where called up.

The Invasion which was to liberate Spain saw the only that Spain betrayed the Allies to join the New French Republic and attack Russia and Britain.

Both Russia and Britain saw fit to abondon the Camp Zone and retreated from their position to the transports to return back to Great Britain and also Russia, but even during the retreat the Transports where destroyed as they where leaving, the new threat from the Sea was Spanish War-Ships alongside the French War-Ships.

Campaign of South KoreaEdit

The Campaign of South Korea was a Military movement made by Japan and North Korea, to remove one of the Allied Force's in Asia while the world was in turmoil, America facing Vietnamese, and Europe just in complete turmoil fighting against all kinds of enemies that New France had formed up as its own Allies against the Allied Force's.

Invasion of SeoulEdit

Infomation Pending....

Blitz of Great BritainEdit

The New French Republic and its Allies eventually made its move against Britain after they had defeated them in the Second Defence of the Spanish Mainlands.

Napoleon's hope was to use tactics that Adolf Hitler used and bomb the Country into surrendering, he ordered Albanian, Spanish and his French Force's to the English Channel, and launch a massive tactical bombing across the British Nation.

The Blitz over Great Britain lasted from December 13 2136, to June 20 2137 AD, and the British launched a Full-Scale attack on the Naval Force's of the French, Spanish and Albanian's using every last ship and Fighter-Plane they had, once they had achieved victory the Priminister later went onto contact the Russian and American Goverments to bring more Force's to the fight within Europe.

Bombing of BlackpoolEdit

The Bombing of Blackpool started December 9 2136 AD, every night the bombings began, each of the mornings the Soldiers in Blackpool checked the buildings for signs of survivors or death.

Bombing of FleetwoodEdit

Just like Blackpool, the Bombings had begun on December 9 2136 AD, and they continued every night, sometimes they would start during the morning, but the British Royal Air Force attacked to send them on their way just as they did all across Britain and Ireland to keep the defence of the United Kingdom.
Blitz of Great Britain

Bombing of LondonEdit

The Bombing across the British Capitol is perhaps one of the worst locations to be hit by the French, Albanian and Spanish Bombers, all throughout London there are damaged buildings, however there are alos Air-Defence Guns set in place, and each night several Bombers are shot out the sky much easier than they are across the rest of Britain.

Second Year of War 2137 AD-2138 ADEdit

The Second year of the Third World War was one of the most damaging parts of the war, this year saw the deverstation on several Spanish Cities by Allied Force's, but it also saw the defeat of many Allied Armies across Europe as well as Asia.

During the Second Year, America felt the sting of a Japanese-North Korean Military Invasion through New Jersey during early hours.

Second Invasion of SpainEdit

The Second Invasion of Spain saw the deaths of hundreds of Allied Soldiers, most still at the age of 16 and 17, these deaths brought much distrought among famlies, the entire idea of war had begun to grow and anger many nations within the Allied Faction, with each Soldier lost, the NFR seemed to just grow in strength and numbers, even with the combine efforts of Britain, Canada, Russia and America.

Invasion of the MainlandsEdit

The British-Canadian Force's launched the first attack on the beaches of the Spanish Mainlands, while American-Russian Force's attacked by Air, this attack lasted from June 23, to July 1, the entire fight brought so much death to Allied Force's, they continued to weigh on losses more so than any of the NFR and its Allies had, but they managed to hold their own as they continued to invade the Mainlands.

The British eventually met up with Russian force's that had reached the ground, and British-Canadian-Russian Force's made a move to push the enemy back, using Artillery to hit the vital Cannon locations the French Force's had set up in defence of the Mainlands.

The Americans eventually landed and made their move from the left, while British-Canadian-Russian Force's made a final push to the centre of the enemy line.

With the French-Albanian Force's now in retreat, the Allies set up a command point, but they had Injured Soldiers returned to Britain to make sure they where out of any danger, most hospitals and medical tents in Britain began to fill up with the amount of injured Soldiers being sent; each sent from either British, Russian, American or Canadians Militaries.

Attack on BarcelonaEdit

The British, American, Russian and Canadian Force's eventually made their way towards Barcelona, and
WWIII Cannons
launched a full-scale attack against the defending French Force's, however the resistance that they encountered was more fierce than they expected, and from the 1st of July right up to August the 28th the fighting went on.

The British Force's attempted to break the enemy line by using Motar Teams, but the French contiuesly hammered the Allies using their Cannons.

The Cannons would later see the Allies retreat due to contiues bombardment by the enemy, and due to this, several bodies had been left where they where killed since it was impossible to retrieve the bodies.

Second Attack on BarcelonaEdit

Eventually the Allies launched a Second attack on Barcelona using every Soldier they could pull together for the attack, this caused massive losses, but the Allies refused to back down as they continued to attack the enemy position.

An American Soldier attacking

The American Force's took the center of the Streets, drawing the fire away from the Russian and British on the left, and the Canadian Force's on the Right, and slowly the Combine Four where able to disable the French Cannon's and continue to move forwards forcing the enemy into retreat.

The British Force's provided major Sniper Support and Motar Support, while Canadian's, Russians and American's force's the enemy into a retreat, the British then ceased their attack now that the enemy was on the retreat, but the American's and Russians continued to attack showing no mercy.

Final Push on SpainEdit

Eventually the Allies increased in Numbers, and Soldiers from all Allied Countries arrived to aid in the Liberation of Spain, the Battle was the most bloodiest ever seen through the entire Invasion of Spain itself.

Invasion of ItalyEdit

The Invasion og Italy was a failed attempt by the New French Republic, the Italian Republic aided by the British and American Force's was able to hol its ground against the French and its Allies, all acorss Italy there was many celerbrations upon the major victory against the French Force's.

Invasion of New JerseyEdit

On August 15 2137 AD, the Japanese-North Korean Coalition force's made a move through American, and launched a major attack on New Jersey, once again the President had to be evaucated from his Safe-Zone, the Japanese launched their attack through the center of New Jersey, while North Korea led its force's from the air, using Tactical Bombing to sink American Citizens into depression.

Eventually America was able to defeat the invaders, and began sending its force's towards Asia, causing them to split every Military Group in half, some sent to Europe and some to Asia.

Third Year of War 2138 AD-2139ADEdit

The Third Year of the War saw many victories for the Allied Nations, and this began to make Napoleon Fear for his power, and began making rash choice's, and leaving some of the countries he had invaded open to attack, however he wanted to ensure that France could not fall to Allied Invasions.

The Albanian Force's was later forced to cover the weakend areas that had been left open to attack, they did so without orders since they wanted to ensure France was the Victor of the War, eventually the Rebel's from the newly Liberated Spain arrived to the Albanian Force's in forming a stronger defence on locations French Force's had left weakend.

The Polish continued to hold the Germany Country, and built a massive wall to ensure that Germany remained under the New French Republic's control.

During this Third Year, Napoleon made his announcement that the Allies of New France would finally take a neme; New Axis, though this gave little to aid the war, the idea of being given a name for their Alliance made them feel stronger about their ways to defend France.

The Invasion of GermanyEdit

The Allies eventually reached the point where they where able to make a move to liberate Germany from the
LVT's landing at Germanys Beach
Polish, and so the British Launched their first attack with American, Italian, Canadian, Russian and the Spanish now they had been liberated, and they made their move against the Polish Wall that had been constructed around the beaches of Germany that forced the Allies to halt, but they continued to make their way forward after a momentand launched a massive attack by both Sea and Air, while Soldiers moved towards the beach using LVT's to gain access to the beaches.

With Allied Force's now arriving, the German Rebels made an attack through the main streets across al German Cities, causing major trouble for the Polish Force's, this gave the Allies an even bigger advantage since Polish Force's had their attention on two locations causing them to make mistakes in their defence's.

The British sent its Armies with Italian Soldiers as they made their move on Berlin, the Canadian and American Force's made a move to liberate another German City, and Russia made its move to take out Air-Defence Guns
Allies in Germany
across Germany that where being manned by Polish Soldiers.

The British and Italian Soldiers moved carefully through the defended locations to take out the enemy stealthly, being led by two Assassin Masters, eventually they where forced to open fire on the main Polish Force's, and so began a massive battle for Germany

Final Year of War 2139 ADEdit

The Final Year of the War saw the Allies become the most dominant force the Planet had seen since the end of World War II, they made their moves all across Europe, Asia and America; claiming victory after victory, the Allies Refused to be defeated any more.

The Allies began closing in all around France, cornering Napoleon in his own Country.