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  • Ezio Auditore (1504-??)


  • Ezio Auditore (1504-??)
  • Sir William N. Devon (1719-1812)
  • James O'Connele (1830-1908)
  • Machiel Dafferson (1910-(Current)

Leader's Title:

  • The Grand-Mentor (1504-1830)
  • The Grand-Master (1831-(Current)


  • London, City of London (Main Command Point)
  • Greater Manchester, Manchester
  • Scotland, Glasgow

Main Location's:

  • Great Britian, England
  • Great Britian, Scotland

Related Orginisations:

  • Thieves Guild
  • The Prostitutes

Date Formed:

  • The Renaissance (1476)

Date of Re-Orginisation:

  • American War for Independence

Notable Members:

Faction Allies:

  • The British Goverment (Secretly)
  • British Armed Force's (Secretly)


  • Early Modern

War's / Events:

  • The American War for Independence
  • World War I

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