The First Civilization, the First Natives on Earth in the Early Earth Histories that where forgotten by the More Modern Years, the actual Date of the First Civilization was 220,000 BC, though Modern Earth believes 100,000 BC is the largest time period genetic and rock dating traces, however this is all due to a Catastrophic event which took place in 190,000 BC, the First Civilization Was nearly destroyed; save a few fragments of the First Civilization and the Early Human Race's, which led to a Union between some of these "Gods" as they where called by the Early Humans and the Humans themselves, resulting in the Future Decendents birthed with Blood Relations from that Union to have a Sixth Sense.

The First Civilization Was however remebered; if only in Fragmented Memories and truth Eventually turned to Myth and Legend, and eventually the First Civilization Died out and later became exstinct leaving only Humans on the Planet, where only a few would hold the Blood Relations from the First Civilization.

Though the First Civilization is exstinct, their blood managed to run strong upto the 34th Century, but only remains in a single Blood-Line However; Johnson's.