• The Fallout War
  • The Second Galactic Conflict
  • The Asian Civil War


  • Asian Civil War (3310-3350)


Resource War


  • June 12, 3350 (Unofficially)
  • July 3, 3350 (Officially)
  • September 20, 3350 (Asian Civil War becomes part of the Resource War)
  • July 20, 3353 (Cease Fire Ended, War Continued)


  • August 23, 3352 AD (Cease Fire)
  • June 15, 3354 (Official End)

Time Peroid:

  • 34th Century

Year's Of Warfare:

  • 4 1/4


  • Europe
    • United Kingdom
    • Italy
    • Germany
    • Spain
    • France
    • Poland
  • North America
    • United States
    • New Canadian Republic
  • Central America
    • Belize
  • South America
  • Asia
    • China
    • Japan
    • Korea
    • Russia
    • Syria
    • Vietnam


  • Berlin Destroyed
  • Neo-Nazi German Nation becomes Nazi Germany
  • Dusty Schmied declared to be Little Hitler by Allies
  • New Advance's in Technology started to be achieved
  • Republic of Cyprus merges with Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and forms - Kingdom of Cyprus
  • Nazi Germany defeated and Forced into Worldwide Debt
  • Germany taken over by Allied Force's
  • Germany Government Forced to cead in favour of Allied Military Occupation
  • Stuttgart becomes Germany's New Capitol
  • German Civilians forced to live on the streets
  • Several UoA become part of the PRoA
  • Britain takes claim to Nazi Weapons, & Research
  • Resource War Ends

The Allies:

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
    • New Bermuda
    • New Anguilla
    • New British Virgin Islands
  • United States of America
    • New United States Virgin Islands
  • New Canadian Republic
  • New French Republic
  • New Kingdom of Spain

People's Republic of Asia:

  • People's Republic of China
  • Republic of Vietnam
  • South Korea
  • New Soviet Union
  • Republic of Cyprus (Became Kingdom of Cyprus after merging with TRNC - 3354)
  • Kingdom of Jordan
  • Kingdom of Masyaf
  • Republic of Afghanistan (As of 3352)
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (As of 3354)
  • Republic of Singapore (As of 3354)

Additional Support:

  • The Hidden-Republic
  • The New Jedi Order
  • Mandalorian Republic
  • Assassin Order

New Axis Alligned Nations:

  • The Greater German Reich
    • Kingdom of Monteriggioni
  • The New Roman Empire
  • New Kingdom of Poland
  • Kingdom of Greece
  • Republic of Albania
  • Republic of Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Republic of Croatia

The Union of Asia:

  • Imperial Japan
  • North Korea (Cease fire in 3351)
  • Republic of Afghanistan (Betrayed in 3352)
  • Republic of Armenia
  • Kingdom of Bhutan
  • Republic of Malaysia
  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus† (Became Kingdom of Cyprus with the Republic)
  • Republic of Singapore (Forced into PRoA - 3354)
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Ceased Alliance w. UOA)

Additional Support:

  • The New Sith Empire
  • United Colonial Nation (As of 3352 AD)
  • Shadow Company

Allied Commanders:

  • Alfred Jefferson, PM of UK†(3350)
  • Daniella Jefferson, PM of UK (3351)
  • James Dixson, President of the US
  • Andrew Cleavon, British General†
  • Corin Johnson, British Officer/SAS Captain
  • Thomas Wayne, British Field Marshal
  • Crag Neal, Mandalorian Leader†
  • Shepherd, U.S Lgt. General

PRoA Commanders:

  • Zen Chen, Chinese Officer

New Axis Commanders:

  • Dusty Schmied, Leader of Nazi Germany†
  • Grulav Migla, Nazi Captain†
  • Elsick Neamon, Nazi Captain†
  • Darth Malgus, Dark Lord of the Sith
  • Stevie Jones, UCN Leader†
  • Alfonso, Roman Emperor†
  • Albus Steiner, Nazi Scientist
  • Leandros Gulpre

Union Commanders:

  • Unidentified Commanders

Famous Battle's / Campaign's:

  • Battle of Blackpool
  • Second Battle of Blackpool
  • Normandy Campaign
    • Battle of Falaise
    • Second Battle of Falaise
    • Battle of Carentan
    • Battle of Normandy Wall
  • Capture of Paris
  • Peleliu Campaign
    • Beach Landing
  • Battle of Caen
  • Second Battle of Caen
  • Italian Campaign
    • Italian Wall Confrontation
    • Battle of Rome
  • Battle of Berlin
  • Battle of Thủ đô Hà Nội
  • Fourth Battle of Blackpool

Notable Figures:

  • Dusty Schmied
  • Corin Johnson
  • Chen Anderson
  • Grulav Migla

Military Casulties

  • Allied Casulties - 13,590,560
  • New Axis Casulties - 14,555,450
Civilian Casulties: 23,842,625

The Resource War, also known as the Fifth World War was started by the Neo-Nazi Nation, the nazi nation planned to use the Sith Empire as a means to accessing the Large Galaxy to challange the United Colonial Nation.

The Nazi Nation believed that Hitler was a God, and its Leader Dusty believed he himself could become like Hitler altough he had no real understanding on who Hitler really was or what he had done in the past due to most Knowledge being destroyed by the UCN in the 23rd Century and 24th Century.

The War started on Unofficially on June 12 3350 AD, and the war saw the first few months of the Nazi Nation expanding in unoccupied territories since most the World was still rubble and just warring Tribes. With the Nazi and Sith Force's attacking the British Town; Blackpool a Third Time and also Targetting the U.S Border, the Priminister of Great Britain declared war on the Nazi Nation, as did the United States President after the American, Mandalorian and Republicans where defeated by Nazi Force's.

Due to the U.S and British not yet having high tech like the Nazi Nation, the U.S where the first to actually whitness the Tiger II Tanks and Panther Tanks in actions since the Nazi's where unable to get them into Blackpool.

The Nazi Nation also had Planes ready, again something the British and U.S had not yet begun contructing, and so the U.S was again caught off-gaurd when they began dropping bombs over their Military Base, also the U.S was unaware of the Nazi War-Ships's since the Americans and British had only recently begun Mass-Producing Transport Ships to sale from one continent to the next and not War-Ships. The War itself eventually went onto become more about Territories than Resource's, due to all the ravaged cities that everyone wishes to get ahold of, Nazi's for their own means and the Allies just to help Re-Build New Governments, resulting in a massive change for the Wars meaning. Around April and June the Neo-Nazi Nation changed their Nations name to become more like the Original Nazi German Nation using; Third Reich, Greater German Reich or Nazi Germany, the Allies Fear grew once they where aware that the Germans where fully like the Original Nazi Germans.

Also the Polish Nation surfaced and Allied itself to New Axis.

Phoney WarEdit

The Phoney War was declared Unofficially in June 12, 3350 AD, the Phoney War was not the true War, but meerly a planning stage of Dustys master plans for World Power, and he set his sights on taking Great Britain out first, believing it to be the biggest threat for the Campign in Europe.

As as result of his unprepared plans, he mistakenly believed he could claim an easy victory in Blackpool due to his War-Ships and MP40's which would be far more effective than Britains M1 Garand's and low Naval Defence's, due to the Nazi-Nation being more advanced due to their usage of the Hitler Museum in Germany's Ruins the Nazi Nation was ahead of both America and Britain, but it still failed to take Blackpool, and they where forced into a retreat, and they abondoned their efforts in Blackpool, this resulted in the attention being drawn to Germany, something Dusty was hoping to avoid.

Second Battle of BlackpoolEdit

The Second Battle of Blackpool was another attempt by the Neo-Nazi Nation in an attempt to gain more ground in the Phoney War, the Sith which had recently shown himself in Berlin managed to force the Mandalorians into service under his Empire and the Nazi Nation.
Second Battle of Blackpool

With the Nazi Force's and Mandalorians ready, they set off from Berlin to Blackpool intent on invading it, during the Battle the Mandalorians used Stun settings on their blasters to avoid killing their former Allies, feeling it was dis-honorable to do what they where doing, and as the battle raged three Mandalorians where in turn killed due to their alliance with Nazi German Force's.

When the Battle seemed like a Victory, the Main British Force's arrived to privide Support to Blackpool's defence's, and they forced the enemy Nation back into a retreat.

Mandalorian AttackEdit

The Mandalorian Attack was just as its name says, the Mandalorians forced into slavery under the Sith Banner, instead however using the Sith's idea's and making them believe they are fighting for them sent their entire force to Earth and with the Soldiers sent to the surface the fleet attacked the Sith Ships.

The Mandalorians where aided by the Hidden-Republic; Formerly the Galactic Republic and the Jedi order during their attack on the Nazi Fleet, while in Space the Mandalorian Fleet launched an attack on the Sith Fleet, ultimately bringing the war between the Hidden-Republic, New Jedi Order and the Mandalorian Republic against the New Sith Empire.

Third Battle of BlackpoolEdit

The Third Battle of Blackpool started on June 26, but lasted until July 3, the Battle was a narrow victory for the British since the Nazi's onyl retreated due to low amounts of Ammunition and Food, with their retreat, the British where finally free from the Nazi Fleet as it had returned to Germany.

The British however saw reason to change their Military Styles due to the narrow victory.

The Resource War BeginsEdit

Due to the U.S and British not yet having high tech like the Nazi Nation, the U.S where the first to actually whitness the Tiger II Tanks and Panther Tanks in actions since the Nazi's where unable to get them into Blackpool.

The Nazi Nation also had Planes ready, again something the British and U.S had not yet begun contructing, and so the U.S was again caught off-gaurd when they began dropping bombs over their Military Base, also the U.S was unaware of the Nazi War-Ships's since the Americans and British had only recently begun Mass-Producing Transport Ships to sale from one continent to the next and not War-Ships.

First Year of War - 3350-3351Edit

Invasion of U.S BorderEdit

Due to the U.S and British not yet having high tech like the Nazi Nation, the U.S where the first to actually whitness the Tiger II Tanks and Panther Tanks in actions since the Nazi's where unable to get them into Blackpool.

The Nazi Nation also had Planes ready, again something the British and U.S had not yet begun contructing, and so the U.S was again caught off-gaurd when they began dropping bombs over their Military Base, also the U.S was unaware of the Nazi War-Ships's since the Americans and British had only recently begun Mass-Producing Transport Ships to sale from one continent to the next and not War-Ships.
Border under attack

The Nazi's continued to hammer the U.S, Republic and Mandalorian Force's, while Jedi Master Revan Smith fought against the Sith Lord; Darth Malgus in a Lightsaber Duel, the U.S where eventually forced into a retreat due to the onslaught from the Nazi Tiger II and Panther Tanks.

With Planes also dropping explosives over the base, it increased Casulties, and even more so with added attacks from Naval Cannons.

The Mandalorians however where the last to retreat.

Normandy Invasion / Normandy CampaignEdit

The Start of the Invasion of Normandy was the bloodiest part, having to land on the beaches in LAV's, while under constant fire from MG-42's on the Normandy Wall, the British and Mandalorians both lost many good Soldiers before they even got onto the Beaches.
Landing on Normandy

Once on the Beaches the real fighting began, and the Mandalorians saw the true Fighting of an Earth Type War, and they where unprepared for the Power used in the MG-42's as they shreded through their armour, some Mandalorians lost their limbs as a result of attempting to run into the line of fire hoping their armour would protect them.

The British moved slowly in groups, using their M1 Garand's to fire on Nazi Soldier's they could see, however this didn't do much to help prevent the deaths of so many Soldiers.

Eventually British Officer; Corin Johnson managed to get his team up to the wall, where they used Explosives in a pipe to blow a part of the defencive wall out, and give a breach into the Nazi Defence's, the British and Mandalorians all swarmed at the Breach, and engaged the Nazi Force's.
Cod2 a

The Nazi's however showed their true strength once the British and Mandalorians where on the Normandy Wall, they even brought out the Prototype; Panzerschreck, altough ment for Tanks, they used it to take out many British and Mandalorians in one shot, however the Mandalorian; Katelyn Owens managed to kill the Soldier wielding the Panzerschreck, and so the Nazi Captain order that it be taken back to Berlin so they could be used to build more of them for both Soldier Use and Tank Use.

Eventually the MG-42's where moved to the centre so they had clear shots at the British and Mandalorians, the MG-42's Speed and Power literally destroyed British and Mandalorian Soldiers as they tried to counter-attack
from behind cover, however Corin Johnson used the Gun-Powder from inside his M1 Garand's Bullets and his Drink Bottle and made an Explosive, and threw it when he saw a chance, which destroyed the MG-42's and killed the Gunners and people near them; injuring the Nazi Captain in the process.

Eventually with their advantage broken the Nazi's began retreating as British and Mandalorians moved to a counter-attack position, however they ceased fire and instead began to re-group allowing Nazi Soldiers to escape.

Battle of FalaiseEdit

The Battle of Falaise, perhaps the one of the first battle's that was considered the worst to have gone too, though not as Bloody as the Normandy Landing, it was indeed the hardest fought due to being trapped by Nazi Force's, the British and Mandalorian's both walked directly into a Tight Corridor within the Falaise Streets, where Nazi Force's flanked from both Left and Right using their MP-40's and attacked from the front with MG-42's, this decimated the British and Mandalorian Force's.

The Battle saw the death of General Andrew Cleavon and the Injury of Corin Johnson who had been shot in the chest, Chen one of the last in Johnson's Squad managed to pull Corin out of the Battle Zone as British and Mandalorians began retreating from Falaise.

Second Battle of FalaiseEdit

The Second Battle of Falaise, led by British General; Abraham Johnathon, a Bold Stratagist who wouldn't mind sacrificing his own men to achieve his goals, he sent new British Soldiers aged 16-17 strait into Battle even though they had no exprience, however it didn't go as bad as everyone believed, though many Soldiers where torn to shreds by MG-42 Fire, the British did manage to achieve victory after Chen Anderson made a daring move with a small group to attack from the side's.

Eventually once the Nazi's where all out of the area the General announced that Task Group 89 would be going to Masyaf on a Scouting Mission.

Battle of CarentanEdit

The Battle of Carentan was an utter bloodbath, the Nazi Force's had recently finished the development of their Karabiner 98 Kurz, and they had them fitted with Scope's for Snipers, and waiting for the British and Mandalorians to get to Carentan, the Snipers where put in position, where they open fired on British General; Alex Thomson killing him with a headshot, and also killing several Mandalorians as well.

The British and Mandalorians began searching for where the shots came from, as they where unprepared, the Nazi's in Buildings opened up windows and put MG-42's into position and began raining bullets down on the Unsuspecting British and Mandalorians.

Eventually the British ordered the retreat, and Mandalorians covered the back as they too began falling back with British Force's.

Third Battle of FalaiseEdit

Strait after the Battle of Carentan, the Nazi Force's followed the British and Mandalorians and sent in their Planes to begin bombing, while Soldiers came down through the street backed by Tanks.

The British and Mandalorian Force's at this point where running out of Ammunition, and so they where forced to retreat from the recently captured Falaise, leaving it for Nazi Force's to re-capture, and the British and Mandalorians withdrew back to the Normandy Wall, fearing the possibilities they maybe forced to abondon the Normandy Wall itself and losing their only chance into France.

Battle for the Normandy WallEdit

The British and Mandalorians returned from their defeat at Falaise, only to be fire on by Nazi Artillery, the British and Mandalorians began fearing the worst, knowing if they where to abondon the Normandy Wall, then they'd have a more difficult time trying to re-take the Wall a second Time.

However the British/Mandalorians heard the sound fo aircraft and believed they where about to be ended, until it appeard they where not Nazi Planes, but instead MiG-1's from the New Soviet Union, unknown to the British and Mandalorians though.

When they watched as these Planes took out the Nazi Artillery they celerbrated for a short moment, then prepared themselves for the worst, but later heard a Man on teh Radio repeating the same word, but since it was spoken in Russian, they could not understand what was being said.

Massacre on the Normandy WallEdit

The Sith Lord; Darth Malgus revealed himself to the British and Mandlorians, after questioned by Katelyn about his presence he told her that it was to destroy them, he also told her that mandalore her home was to be destroyed by a Sith Fleet, and then he moved to fight the British and Mandalorians however using the power of the Force he was able to prevent the British and Mandalorians from firing a single shot, and the Sith Troopers decended down and began killing the British and Mandalorians, if not for Chen Anderson throwing smoke bombs, the entire Army would have been killed on the Normandy Wall.

Scouting of MasyafEdit

The scouting of Masyaf took an unexpected turn for Corin Johnson and Rosa Dalamti, they discovered something not seen since the 22nd Century by the man named; Altair Smithson, this discovery proved rather infomative as a vision of someone from the First Civilization showed himself to Corin and Rosa, and revealed them about their Blood Relation.

This Vision also told them of their Ancestors who had visited Thousands of years before, the vision also gave insight that the war shall be won by the Allied Force's.

Second Battle of U.S BorderEdit

The United States continued fighting the Nazi Force's which had invaded their border since the day the mandalorians left to aid Britain, the Jedi and Republic both helped with this battle, but even with extra help it went on without end, the dead where found all around the Border from both sides.

The actual battle is unknown, but the United States did eventually achieve victory around November 15.

Defence of SpainEdit

Most of the Battle's that happened in the defence of Spain are mostly unknown, but its known that the Nazi Nation was shocked to find that the British had new Weapons that where being used to help defend the Spanish Border.

Assassination of the British PriministerEdit

The British Priminister was assassinated on December 24th at the hands of a Nazi Sniper during the speach to inpsire his People, with this assassination however it increased morale even more, something Nazi Germany was hoping to prevent.

Second Year of War - 3351 AD-3352 ADEdit

The Capture of ParisEdit

The British invasion of Paris was allowed due to the Nazi Nation not being aware of the roads being left open from the Spanish Border, and they where unprepared for when the British and Mandalorians arrived to attack them from behind, resulting in a massive Dis-Advantage infavour of the British and Mandalorian Force's.

With British and Mandalorians attacking from behind the Nazi Force's began retreating due to major casulties, resulting in the Allies capturing Paris, and liberating some of the French Force's, this further increased the Allied Force's for the War, not only was the British able to keep Spain, but they managed to build the French back to an Army once the Nazi's had left Paris.

However the war was only just starting, and it would be awhile before anyone would see an end to the fighting.

Peleliu CampaignEdit

Beach LandingEdit
The Invasion of Peleliu was the hardest part of the Campaign, due to Fortified Japanese Positions on the
Peleliu Landing
Beaches and in the nearby Tree Area's, the American Soldiers and Mandalorians where unable to get any clear shots onto the Japanese, and so the Allied Force's where easily torn to shreds, but they refused to stop the invasion due to this situation, and so both Mandalorians and Americans pushed forwards, the Japanese eventually sent in their tanks which began tearing the Americans to piece's. Juring these events, the Mandalorians found themselves no longer under attack, and questioned the reason, but what they found out was not what they where wanting; Death Watch, loyal to the Japanese Empire had been surrounding the Mandalorians ever since they had arrived, and so the Death Watch captured the Mandalorians and took them to the Japanese Command Point in the Airfield further away from the Beaches.
Shermans on Peleliu

With the Mandalorians captured it was believed the Americans would retreat, however they managed to get their M4 Shermans onto the beaches which provided cover fire for them as they continued to push into the Jungle Area's near the Beaches, taking out the Japanese Positions with the Tanks.

Attacking the AirfieldEdit
While the Mandalorians where being interrogated and tortured, the American Force's reached the Japanese Airfield, and began attacking the Japanese Fighter-Planes, and their Buildings turning them to Rubble, the Japanese where unprepared for this sudden attack since they where not aware that the Americans had even got
U.S attacking the Airfield
the Tanks onto the Beach, and they didn't believe they'd even get through the Jungle's near the Beach.

The Japanese Officer in command was kileld at the hands of the American Officer; Joey Boomer, who then proceeded to alert the Mandalorians that they had control of the beaches and the Airfiled and now needed to destroy the Japanese in the Centre Jungle's and Cave Systems.

U.S Defence of the AirfieldEdit

The United States and Mandalorians where later awoken from the sound of Tank fire coming from the Japanese attacks as they began attacking once again, forcing the Americans into a defencive formation with the Mandalorians.

The U.S where unprepared for the Japanese attack, and they where not fully re-stocked on ammunition, and when the Japanese launched a second attack from behind, the Mandalorians and Americans began fearing they where about to lose what they had captured.

However the British RAF arrived in their new Spitfire's, and launched an attack on the Japanese positions, managing to effectivly put them into a Tactical Retreat.

Battle of CaenEdit

The Battle of Caen was a British and Mandalorian engagement against Nazi Force's, the Battle was an easy fought battle, the British and Mandalorians where easily able to take out the Nazi Positions, British Force's now using their new Sterling Machine Guns to improve their effectiveness against the Nazi Soldiers, the Mandalorians
Nazi's in Caen
assisted with their blasters, eventually they where able to force Nazi Force's into a retreat, and also capture some, and they began to search Buildings incase there where any more Nazi Soldiers. During the searching the Mandalorians discovered a Team of Death Watch, and where forced into an engagement, but they retreated outside of the building where the Death Watch leaped down from Windows and began attack the British and Mandalorians, the battle against Death Watch was very bloody, even though the Death Watch had a smaller group, they where very dangerous against the combine units of British
British Soldiers retreating
and Mandalorians.

It eventually became known that the Death Watch where infact holding them in place in order to give the New Nazi Force's a chance to get into position without notice, when the Mandalorian Leader noticed something was wrong and attempted to have the British and Mandalorians leave, the Nazi Snipers started firing hitting many British Soldiers, and the MG-42's then began firing the second a Sniper was killed.

Even with a Smoke Screen the MG-42's continued to fire killing several Mandalorians in the process, it was a close victory for the Allies in the first part of the battle, but it was a major defeat by the end of the Battle of Caen.

Third Battle of CaenEdit

The Third Battle of Caen was arranged on January 15, after getting new plans ready for their attack, having made the nazi Force's wait for the attack for so long, Corin led the attack with the Mandalorians backing him up, the entire battle was a very bloody battle.

It was the eventually victory for the British Army and Mandalorians.

Fourth Battle of FalaiseEdit

The Fourth Battle of Falaise was an easy Battle due to Nazi having called its force's to Carentan, and when British Force's arrived they had little trouble in taking Falaise, the remaining Nazi Soldiers just fled as British Force's began executing Prisoners.

Battle of Cherbourg-OctevilleEdit

The Battle of Cherbourg-Octeville was a British Victory, how the Battle went however is mostly unknown.

Second Battle of CarentanEdit

Once most of Normandy was under Allied Control, the British, French and Mandalorians attacked Carentan for the second time, the resulting battle the result of Normandy's complete freedom once it had ended.

Once the Allies liberated Normandy, they began expanding their force's to search their Recovered Territories, eventually some Soldiers located an Nazi Concertration Camp, though inhabited by Prisoners, it had been abondoned by Nazi Soldiers during the Battle.

The British, French and Mandalorians therefore opened it and began handing out Rations and Water to the Prisoners.

Italian CampaignEdit

Encountering the Italian WallEdit

The British and Mandalorian Force's eventually arrived to the Italian Wall, not even being aware it had been built, and once they arrived they where shocked to find their path was blocked by the Italian Wall, and the Nazi Force's quickly launched an attack when the Military Convoy stopped below the wall.

Easily destroying several Trucks and Jeeps the Nazi's knew that the Allies wouldn't retreat, and they kept attack, the Allied Force's launched a counter offencive against the Nazi Position, but they where not going to be able to get any closer without getting rid of the defence's atop the wall.

Eventually the New Soviet Union which was flying nearby spotted the fighting and radioed Command to get premission to engage, while this was getting done they watched as their Allies where being killed.

The Allied Force's started to lose hope, however Corin refused to retreat and ordered everyone to keep up the attack, and soon the Soviets where given premission and aided the Alied Force's in there attack, resulting in the Italian Wall crumbling.

The Allies then took their chance and made their advancement into the breach and into Rome.

Battle of RomeEdit

Once the Allies entered Rome, they where met by a massive Roman Military and Nazi Resistance, being slightly prepared they where able to kill many British and Mandalorians using their MG-42's as the main killing tool.

The Nazi Force's however where put under pressure from the Allies who where not only being able to defend against the Romans but return fire using dead Romans as cover or even their shields to help gaurd against the bullets to get clear shots.

Eventually Corin chased Grulav the Captain who was leading the Nazi Force's since the Battle of the Normandy Beaches in 3350, and they both enged in a fight, eventually leading to Grulav "Surrendering" to the Allies and ordering his men to cease fire.

With the "Victory" the British had full control over Italy.

Mission to BerlinEdit

The Mission of Berlin, also known as Operation Re-Birth since the mission was the Re-Birth of the British S.A.S, Corin promoted to Captain and placed as one of the first new Leading Members of the Brand-New S.A.S began the mission.

The Sole point was to destroy the Nazi Museum that was holding all infomation for the Old Nazi Germany, however the Germans where aware of their movements and plans and placed up a strong Military Presence in Berlin, the moment the S.A.S managed to get into the building they where forced into a Small Fire-Fight against Nazi Soldiers wielding StG 44's, this proved damn effective against them, and Corin attempted to use Grenade's to damage the structure's supports, but to no luck.

Eventually they escaped the building and held out long enough for British force's to arrive at the LZ to escape, the mission failed, but S.A.S was re-born.

Third Year of War - 3352 AD-3353 ADEdit

Battle of AthensEdit

First Battle the Allies had within Greece, it was to aid the Greek Force's in being able to free themselves from a nazi Occupation.

Battle at the Greek BorderEdit

Starting off well, the Allied Force's got into position and waited for the Nazi's to draw closer, and then began using their Snipers to attack the Nazi Soldiers as they marched, once they got even closer, M4 Shermans started firing, and Soldiers using the mounted Machine Guns also started firing, the battle was believed to become a big and easy victory, until the Greek Force's arrived.

The Greek Military instead betrayed the Allies and open fired on them, now the Allies where forced to fight the Nazi's on one side and the Greek's on the other, Corin moved to the Shermans and began barking orders to his men.

Some point during the Battle however the Greek's had managed to get their Snipers into position which started shooting, Chen was hit by a Sniper shot in his left Elbow, and Corin pulled him down behind the Tank, however Sammuel Johnson was then shot in the chest.

Filled with anger and hate, he moved to fire once more at the Greek's due to the death of his Son; Corin was not known for losing his anger, but the lose of his son pushed him as it would any perant.

Battle of BerlinEdit

The Battle of Berlin, the biggest Battle of the War, and one of the most deverstating, the Battle of Berlin was a plan to capture the City since it was the heart of the Nazi German's growing Empire, the Allies hoped to kill Dusty Schmied in the process, while the PRoA came from behind and pushed all the way through the City, the other Allied Force's sur

rounded the City's outskirts, engaging Retreating Force's.

View of the Explosion from the escaping Chopper
entuallu the S.A.S discoverd that the Bomb near V-2 Rockets was infact a Full-Built Atomic Bomb, set to blow with the V-2 Rockets, and Corin got to the Radio to request an emergency evacuation from Berlin, as the Fighting became intence the Allies figured out that the Nazi Soldiers where holding the position and holding them in Berlin to use the Bomb to whipe out half the Allied Force's to ensure the Nazi German's could achieve victory using replenished force's from the Union of Asia.
Destruction of Berlin

However the Allies managed to begin escaping due to the U.S Militaries new Choppets, however the Atomic Bomb detonated, and the resulting blast waves destroyed many Choppets, and brought down many of them as well, Corin was in one of the choppers to go down, and was the only survivor from the crash, he passed out after he had gotten out of the chopper, and he got full view of the Mushroom cloud over Berlin.

Mission to JapanEdit

The British S.A.S was assigned with Corin Johnson leading to sneak into Japanese Occupied territories, the main reason for the mission was to plant explosive's within Japanese Trenches in order to force the Japanese out of them in order to get the British Army onto the Country and attack the Japanese.

During the mission the S.A.S spotted the Mandalorians, and aided them moving up by firing at Japanese Patrol's, the British where also actually testing the new Silencer Attachments for the Lee-Enfield SMLE's, as they moved through the Japanese Jungle remaining undetected.

Battle of ShanghaiEdit

Having escaped from their attempt to spy on the Japanese; the Mandalorian's fled in a Japanese Fishing Boat only to end up in an apprent Ally, only to come under attack but this was due to the Japanese Flag painted on the side of the boat, and the Mandalorians where forced to dive under water to escape.
Chinese Artillery Shanghai

Eventually they reached land and made it to Shanghai, where they discovered the Sith Lord which was allied to the Nazi Germans was infact in Shanghai now.

However nothing was as it looked like as Chinese Soldiers began moving into positions to attack, the moment they where signaled, the Chinese launched an attack against the UCN and Sith Force's, however Nazi V-2 Rockets came crashing into Shanghai.

As the Battle ensued, the Sith Lord became enraged and began killing the Chinese using his Lightsaber, using the force to avoid bullets, eventually he got close to Mandalore; Crag Neal, and stabbed him through his chest, killing him instantly.

With the death of Mandalore, the Mandalorians where now homeless and leaderless, and Ceasar began believing by the end of the war that the Mandalorians may become fully exstinct.

Fourth Year of War - 3353 AD-3354 ADEdit

Battle of Japanese BorderEdit

The British S.A.S being there since August 3352 AD, have been keeping tabs on the Japanese positions having remained undetected, however an American Soldier was sent to give a message to the S.A.S but only ran into a Japanese Patrol which killed him, but then tied the dead body to a tree, and let it rot to attempt to warn any Spies away from the trenches.

The U.S planned an attack due to not recieving word from the messanger, during ths planning the Mandalorians had now changed their clothing and made their way back into Japanese territory, where they moved using the cover of night.

The U.S Soon arrived in Choppers to attack, but the Japanese where quick to act and began shooting down teh Choppers, several U.S Soldiers made it down, and the British S.A.S began shooting down Japanese Soldiers, whilst remaining undected.

During the fight the Mandalorians discovered the Planning Room in the Trenches and found the nazi and Japanese Force's had planned to attack many locations using either Nuclear, Atomic Weapons or a new Chemical Weapon named; Nova-6.

Mission to the BradelEdit

A Coalition Mission between the Mandalorians and S.A.S was formed after the Mandalorians alerted the British about the discoveries in Japan about Nova-6, the British mobilised quickly and sent the S.A.S Team and the Mandalorians to locate the Bradel in teh Arctic.

When S.A.S and Mandalorians borded the Nazi Cargo Ship, they began executing Nazi Sailors on the ship, eventually moving down to the lower decks to enter a fire-fight against Nazi Soldiers, then moved further inside to locate the Container's Section of the Ship, where they found Nova-6 getting prepared for use, using C-4 the S.A.S set up a means to sink the Bradel.

Upon fininshing the C-4 planting they moved to the top deck to return to the Chopper, upon escaping they watched the Ship explode, however it never fully sank.

Attack on RussiaEdit

Russian Defence of MoscowEdit
Battle for AgryzEdit
Russian defence of Saint PetersburgEdit
Battle of Saint PetersburgEdit

The Defence of Saint Petersburg Borders failed and Nazi Force's eventually got into the City, where they engaged the New Soviet Union, the Nazi leading the charge; Culdo Alzvrick made a Tactical and Stratagic position which made it nearly impossible for the NSU to push them out, the British and British S.A.S then arrived with Mandalorians to provide aid in the battle.

During the Battle the S.A.S and Soviet Union made an agreement to test the new Mustard Gas they'd located in East Germany, and during the Battle MiG-1's began dropping it over Saint Petersburg while the Allies where wearin Gas-Masks, but the Nazi's where not, and so they would begin choking and coughing, the Allies took advantage and open fired.

Vietnam CampaignEdit

Battle of Thủ đô Hà NộiEdit
The Battle of Thủ đô Hà Nội was started by the Imperial Japanese Force's to take control of Vietnam, the British S.A.S was mobilized to attack the Japanese and aid the Vietnamese Force's however the Choppers where shot down outside of teh Capitol.
Jap Artillery Vietnam Campaign

The S.A.S and Mandalorians eventuallyed engaged the Vietnamese Scouts and Patrols in the Jungle further away from the Capitol, eventually forcing them to retreat further into the jungle, the Japanese continues hunted them, but eventually given orders to send an Atomic Bomb onto any random Vietnamese City, this caused S.A.S Captain; Corin to begin shooting at the Japanese, the two Mandalorians also started firing.

With the Patrols dead, the three moved to Thủ đô Hà Nội, and saw the Japanese fighting and winning against the Vietnamese.

The Mandalorians; Vhonte went back to retrieve a Sniper while Katelyn and Corin assisted the Vietnamese force's in the fight against the Japanese, during the fighting the Japanese Commander; A Turkish Man armoured from head to foot which very powerful armour made his way towards Katelyn, who discovered his armour was too strong for Gun Shots and also able to deflect sword strikes.

Chopper Vietnam Campaign
The Fight was stopped when Katelyn's sister; Vhonte shot at him with a sniper, which again had no effect, the fight then continued though the Turkish Man was unable to land a hit. Eventually the Mandalorian; Vhonte threw a Thermal Detonator which managed to send him flying but it had no real effect, and no visible damage was done to the armour, the Turkish Man then moved to shoot his Luger, whiel Vhonte tried to shoot it out of his hand, but failed since his hands where to well protected, the Turk managed to get close enough to swing a sword at Vhonte, and tried to kill her, eventually knocking her to the ground, but his attention was caught by Corin he flipped over him as he attacked, and he was caught by a sef-made explosive with gunpowder by Corin, and when the smoke cleared he landed an attack on Corin, nearly killing him, and Corin retreated as he began losing to much blood.
Thủ đô Hà Nội Resource War Vietnam Campaign

The Turk then engaged Vhonte and Katelyn, however Vhonte ordered her sister to leave, and so the fight between the Turk and Vhonte began, however he was able to wound her, but before he could kill or knock her out, Chen Anderson an Assassin threw a Flash-Bang Grenade, and escaped with Vhonte.

With nothing to help the Vietnamese, the Japanese Won the battle of Thủ đô Hà Nội.

Campaign of Central AmericaEdit

Discovery of the HammerheadEdit

While using the Underwater Caves to try reaching the Nazi Oil Rigs set up in defence of the Borders of Belize, Corin noticed a ratehr Ancient Object at the bottom of the seabed, and with the Mandalorian; Katelyn and one of her chosen, they moved towards it while the rest went onto meet up with the U.S Force's.

The Three eventually found a way into the Ancient Vessel, where they discovered some Messages on a still working Holo, the Messages refered to a Jedi; General Revan and an unidentified Sith, most messages where told by Demitiri Kascrov, then one was told by Sgt. Rally, the final was recorded by the Jedi Revan.

Once the messages where finished Corin questioned the possibilities are bringing the Ancient Ship up to the surface.

Battle on the Nazi Oil RigEdit

The U.S Army along with its new Sub-Division; Shadow Company waited for the British S.A.S to arrive to begin a coalition Battle against the Nazi Force's on Belize's Oceans, the Combine effrots of British and American Force's eventually pushed the Nazi's to surrender, where some of those Survivors where tied to weights by Shadow Company Soldiers and thrown over into the Ocean to drown.

Operation BreakerEdit

Search in AfghanistanEdit

A Team of Two; Mandalorians request where sent to Afghanistan in order to locate Dusty Schmied in hope they could capture him, however the search turned to a bloodbath when the new U.S Special Force's Company; Shadow Company turned on them under orders from Shepherd who was a rogue U.S Lgt. General who planned to do what the he believed the War of Indepdence was about but due to knowledge lost over centuries he had no real understand and so he wanted to truely destroy the United Kingdom of Great Britain even if it ment betrayaing his own Nation to do so.

Search in JapanEdit

The Search in Japan much like the Search in Afghanistan, it turned to a bloodbath, first the Japanese engaged the British S.A.S, then the Shadow Company arrived where Sheperd personally executed Archer and Ghost.

Fourth Battle of BlackpoolEdit

The Fourth Battle of the English Sea-Side Town; Blackpool, a massive Nazi Military movements under leadership of Leandros Gulpre, the Turkish Templar, alongside the Rogue U.S General; Shepherd, the Nazi Armies began the attack by using Bombers all across Blackpool similair to the old Nazi Attack pattern which involved Bombing to submission and using the Soldiers to enter to destroy and occupy any resistance.

The entire Military barracks in Blackpool's Town Center came under attack and defeated, Corin was also beaten while on his Street just prior to having a row with his family, the Nazi Leaders Son; Chrek Schmied also participated in the battle but did not shoot to kill, eventually however the Nazi Force's had Blackpool where they wanted it and just marched their force's in, the major victory for the Nazi Germans.

Fifth Battle of BlackpoolEdit

The Fifth Battle of Blackpool, one of the shortest Battle's the War had seen, the entire British Army arrived using Lent Soviet Choppers and began their attack on the Nazi and Shadow Company Positions, but just as the fighting had began, Nazi Force's where relaid new Orders as was the Shadow Company and both froce's began retreating from Blackpool.

Fifth Year of War - 3354 AD-3355 ADEdit

The Final Year of Warfare against Nazi Germany, there where only a few Battle's within the Fifth Year, however the War ended on June 15 3354 AD, and following the ending was several After War Clean Up Battle's which involved the Allied Force's hunting down the reamining Nazi Leaders to ensure they wouldn't raise up to create another War.

Battle of WashingtonEdit

The Nazi Attack on the United States Capitol with the Shadow Company and Japanese Air-Force, the Battle of Washington saw the death of 1,200 Civilians, but the U.S won the battle against the Three-Force's, and began attacking them as they returned to their controlled territories.

Union of Asia's Eviction from AsiaEdit

The Allied Force's launched a massive invasion with the People's Republic of Asia, the U.S, Britain, New Spain and New France all came together to begin the Union of Asia's Eviction from Asia itself, however it was not an "Eviction" but meerly named such due to the combine efforts of Allied Force's destorying the Union's Force's all across Asia and allowing the People's Republic to regain their lands and again set up their form of Governments.

The Eviction precess lasted from Febuary 2, to June 1.

Battle of StuttgartEdit

On June 15, 3354 AD the Allied Force's launched their final movements against Nazi Germany in its new Capitol; Stuttgart, the Soviet Union led the main attack while British, Canadian, U.S and Polish Force's attacked from the North Side of the Capitol, the New French, New Spanish Nations attacked from the South, the People's Republic of China and Republic of Vietnam attacked from the East, with this combine effort the Allies where able to bring the Nazi Force's into complete disarray, as well as locate and execute Dusty Schmied; Soviet Force's where the first to find the Nazi Leader and where the ones who executed him and set fire to his body.

The Allies then began to demolish vertually every building leaving all German Civilians to work and live in the streets, all Nazi Soldiers where then shot to death resulting in a massive execution across Germany, to put even more pressure on the destroyed Nazi Germany; The Allies enforced the Nation into a massive Debt that they'd need to pay, and so Germany was left Bankrupt, Defencless and Destroyed, its weapons where also confisicated and placed in an Allied Storage Depo outside Germany, which the Territory was now controlled by the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland.

After War EngagmentsEdit

Several Skimishes accured after the War Ended, mostly across Europe and the Middle-East, however nothing the Allied Force's where not able to handle.