The United Colonial Nations
UCN Flag Based upon Original US Flag

Capitol Planet: Coruscant

Capitol City: The Galactic City

Official Laungauges:

  • English
  • Latin
  • Rodese
  • Mando'a

Governement: Federal presidential constitutional republic

  • President
    • Jameson Dalvich - 3311-33??
  • Vice President
    • Alex Goberman - 3289-3312
    • Simon Jones - 3312-33??
  • Speaker of the House
    • John Goodman - 3278-3305
    • James Tiberman - 3306-3315
    • Ray Pinkelton - 3315-33??
  • Chief Justice
    • Harry Quillson - 3256-3289
    • Jamie Hardson - 3289-3320
    • Samantha Jones - 3321-33??


  • 2230, July 15 - Declaring itself Independent
  • 2245, October 20 - Treaty of Peace / Independence Recoginised / Earth loses its Technology

Currency: UCN Credits, and UCN Florins

UCN Militaries:

  • UCN Naval Force's
  • UCN Ground Military
  • UCN Droid Division

The United Colonial Nations also known as; UCN was a set of Planets that declared Independence from the New British Empire in the 22nd Century and 23rd Century, the UCN utilized Nuclear Weapons in order to gain True Independence from the British Empire during the Fallout War.

The UCN started the Fallout War as a means to achieve Independence from the British Empire which was the most Powerful Nation in the Larger Galaxy, with the UCN eventually claiming Victory, the Order of the Gray which was the Defenders for the British changed to become the defenders of peace for the UCN.

Unlike Earth's Nations which agreed to never use Nuclear Power after a Campaign by the People on Earth in the 21st Century, the People in the UCN agreed to use the Nuclear Weapons to get what they wanted.


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Laws In PlaceEdit

Laws set in Place by the United Colonial Nations, these laws are setting Planets apart into differant "Types" some refered to as the Type 1 Class Planet, and others can be refered to as Type 4 Planets.

Planet Types:

  • Type 1 Planet - Member of Galactic Congress
  • Type 2 Planet - Security Controlled / Representative Faction
  • Type 3 Planet - Former Empire controlled State / Possible Re-Birth Chance's
  • Type 4 Planet - Historic Planet, Security Inplacement to ensure its Protection
  • Type 5 Planet - Prison Planet / High Security Needs
  • Type 6 Planet - Target Planet / Constant Survalance Requested
  • Type 7 Planet - War Type Planet, Needs to be Invaded / Government needs to be replaced

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