• Cold War
  • Vietnam War


  • Unknown
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  • Earth: December 25 1979
  • 34,891 BBY

Time Period:

  • AD - Alternate Time Line


  • June 12, 1991
  • 34,870


Major Battle's:

  • The Invasion (World Wide)
  • Siege of Washington
  • Battle of London
  • Deverstation of Stalingrad
  • Battle of New York City
  • Second Battle of London
  • Battle of Washington D.C.
  • Second Battle of New York City
  • Third Battle of London

Earth Factions:

  • Great Britian
  • The Hashshashin
  • United State's of America
  • Canada
  • People's Republic of China
  • Japan
  • Soviet Union

The Invaders:

Earth Commanders:

  • Jason Johnson (AO)
  • Revan Johnson (AO)

Rakata Commanders:

  • The One
  • The Supreme Leader
  • Agorath

Earth Casulties:

  • Army: 8.1 Million
  • Civilians: 8.2 Million

Rakata Casulties:

  • Military: 60,450
  • Rakata Lords: 450

The InvasionEdit

During the Happy Time of Christmas, all Goverments Defence's where down around the world due to the happy times that the season was bringing, it was during this moment the Infinite Empire arrived at the Milkyway System of the Universe itself, and under the command of The One the Rakata launched an attack upon the planet, easily landing and capturing prisoners from several locations.

The Rakata Leader; The One attacked Great Britian in its Sea-Side Town; Blackpool, there he captured Diego Jones a recent Military Joiner.

With the Rakata Armies now on the floor they found that the Armies of Earth had a weapon more dangerous to that of their own, however due to their speed and quickness the Rakata managed to always foil the Soldiers of Earth before they could fire at them, even Tanks fell to the Rakata when they attacked them head on, taking out the Controlers inside by either causing them to fire on their own or by getting inside to tear the Controllers apart by themselves.