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William Johnson 1800

William Johnson, Grand-Master of the British Assassin Order.

DOB: December 21, 1745 AD

  • England, London

DOD: July 12, 1823 AD

  • Colombia, Bogotá

Time Period:

  • 18th Century (Mid)
  • 19th Century (Early)

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

Skin Colour: White British, Olive Skin Colour

Hair Colour:

  • Blonde (Child)
  • Brown (Teen, Adult)
  • Brown, Graying (Elderly)

Eye Colour: Gray


  • 4'6 (Child)
  • 5'1 (Teen)
  • 6'1 (Adult)
  • 5'7 (Elderly)


  • Eagle Sense
  • Flexability


  • House of Johnson
  • British Assassin Order


  • British Empire
    • Royal Family
    • Parliament
    • East India Trading Company
  • Syrian Assassin Order
  • Russian Government
    • Russian Assassin Order


  • Oliver Johnson - Father
  • Chelsea Johnson (Nee: Ashton) - Mother
  • Maria Johnson (Nee: Isbia) - Wife
  • James Johnson the III - Son


  • Marcus Langley
  • Laura Langley


  • Unknown


  • Marcus Langley
  • Several British Assassin's
  • James Johnson the III

War's / Events:

  • Seven Year War - 1759-1763
    • French and Indian War - 1759-1763
    • Spanish–Portuguese War -1761-1763
  • Pontiac's War - 1763-1766
  • American War of Independence - 1775-1783
    • Anglo-Spanish War - Entered in the Final Days in 1783
    • Fourth Anglo-Dutch War - Entered in 1783-1784
  • Irish Rebellion of 1798 - 1798-1798
  • Napoleonic Wars - 1792-1815
    • War of the First Coalition - 1792-1797
      • War in the Vendée - 1793-1796
    • War of the Second Coalition - 1798-1802
    • War of the Third Coalition - 1803-1805
    • Egyptian Revolution - 1805-1806 *Engaged in Fourth Coalition* 1808-1811
    • War of the Fourth Coalition - 1806-1807
    • Russo-Turkish War - 18011–1812
    • War of the Sixth Coalition - 1812-1814
    • Hundred Days / War of the Seventh Coalition - 1815-1815
  • Venezuelan War of Independence - 1816-1823

Medal / Awards:

  • None, Never Accepted


  • British Assassin Order
    • Master Assassin - 1775-????

William Johnson (Born 1745 AD), the Master of the British Assassin Order and a member of the British Military; he helped out through the Napoleonic Wars from 1792 to 1815, he was also presented in the American War of Independence from 1775; he saw the splitting of the British Assassin's resulting in the United Assassin's which played a part in aiding the United States against the British; William believed that no Assassin should kill each other; however even with these belief's he was forced to kill his former brothers and sisters of the Order.

The British Empire continued to reign however within North America still having control of Canada, and so the British Assassin Order believed they still had a part of the North American Assassin's; altough the Americans had split; the Canadian Assassin remained with the British Empire.

William Johnson was also the first member of the Johnson Family to fully evolve the Eagle Vision to Eagle Sense, his sixth sense was also passed down to his decendents; altough the only other Johnson to evolve the Eagle Vision to Eagle Sense was Westley John Johnson; son of James Johnson the III.

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